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Bottled Blooms

This “message in a bottle” takes the form of beautiful living blooms. A floral statement composed of one flower that has been enclosed in a bottle or vase.  Decorative bottles with caps can be purchased for this project or make your own by employing a regular flower vase with an improvised cap.  


Bottled Blooms make a remarkable display.  Best of all, because the bottle is sealed, the flowers inside last a very long time.  Interestingly too, the bottled blooms look larger than real-life, as the glass magnifies the blossoms inside.




  • Clear glass bottle with top or make your own- Use an ordinary vase but top it off with a cork or glass coaster that fits perfectly.

  • Small metal ‘pin’ frog to fit the bottom of the glass bottle

  • Floral clay, this adheres the frog to the bottom of the bottle

  • Pea gravel, enough for the bottom of the bottle or vase in order to hide the frog.

  • 1 stem of a spray rose-other flowers that work well: carnations, freesia, snapdragons or alstroemeria 

  • Floral clippers


Directions: 4 simple steps


  1. Line the rim of the metal frog with floral clay; then adhere it to the bottom of the glass bottle. Cover the frog with pea gravel.

  2. Next, insert the flower or flowers into through the pea gravel and into the frog.

  3. Now fill the entire bottle or vase with water.

  4. Seal the bottle or vase with its original cap, or place your own improvised cap on top.

My best,

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