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Outdoor Gardening

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Sensational Succulents

The colors of succulents vary from reds and greens to grays. A fabulous pot that corresponds nicely to the particular succulents' color really makes an impressive difference. My favorite succulents ... read more

Growing and Designing with Gladiolus

Striking and colorful are blooming Gladioli! They give summer gardens height, drama and long lasting blooms both in the garden and as cut flowers. If you want a summer season of gladiolas, now's the... read more

Bushel Baskets

Summer is the perfect time to plant colorful annuals and small perennials. To contain these seasonal beauties are inexpensive bushel baskets. Bushel baskets are quintessential containers for summer.... read more

Storm Control

Did you know that all cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti? A succulent is generally considered to be any plant that has the natural ability to store water in its body or roots. A ... read more

October Good Gardening Guide

Plants to Plant:Bulbs: Buy and plant spring flowering bulbs now for beautiful spring color. Try growing garlic- Grow garlic in soil that drains easily and that is combined with a bit of rich compost ... read more

Lavender Libations

The blooming season for lavender is from the middle of April through the end of October (depending upon variety). So, it's time right now to pick and use up their blooms for fresh or dried bouquets ... read more

Killer Roses Recipe

Roses are big feeders and quickly use up all the nutrients in the soil. This is true for even the best-prepared rose beds. Furthermore, many essential minerals quickly leach out due to rain and ... read more


The only difficult thing about geraniums may be knowing how to spell their name or to remember that all geraniums belong to the species of Pelargonium. There are some 250 Pelargonium species of  ... read more

Containing Clematis

Authority Raymond Evison gives low-down on the high-climbing vine Climbing evergreen or deciduous clematis clamor over garden fences, trellises, trees and shrubs, but a large garden is not necessary ... read more

Beckoning Butterflies

If you love butterflies but are not an avid gardener, it's a match made in butterfly heaven, because an untamed home garden becomes more like a natural habitat. In the wild butterflies flit and ... read more

Beautiful Borders

Planting a compelling border is often intimidating. Questions like what plants to plant, colors to combine and how to plant come to mind. But, if you take it one step at a time a stunning border can... read more

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