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Holiday Centerpieces

Valentine Bud Vase

Not Seen On TV' When thinking of Valentine's Day romance comes to mind. However, compliments to friends and co-workers are also widely exchanged. To spread the 'scent-i-ment' around, surprise special ... read more

Cornucopia Centerpiece

Thanksgiving is one of our most important family gatherings, and is a holiday steeped in American traditions. One such tradition is the Horn of Plenty or Cornucopia. It is a symbol that festively ... read more

Mom's Photo Vase of Flowers

Family photographs always give way to "warm and fuzzy" feelings. Many times similar sentiments are also associated with fresh cut flowers. Perhaps snapdragons remind you of a special time or person, ... read more

Hop To It: Last Minute Easter Ideas

Last minute decorations are quick to create. Here are three easy suggestions to make your Easter a bit more fun and festive. Most likely you'll have everything on hand. Auntie Bert's Boiled Bunny ... read more

Easter Egg Basket

Springtime means Easter is on its way and that there's an abundance of beautiful flowers to purchase at your favorite florist or grocery store. A beautiful and seasonal floral Easter Egg Basket is ... read more

Valentine Roses: Fresh Picks

It comes as no surprise that the most popular flower for Valentine's Day is THE ROSE. This year Valentine's Day is Friday, February 14th and the Queen of the Garden will again reign supreme. Red ... read more

Patrick's Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated with a family dinner and a bouquet of fresh cut flowers in the center of the table. This year Patrick McCann of Greenworks, Inc. in San Francisco, inspired ... read more

Valentine's Day Flower Tree

Flower TreeFlowers and evergreen trees are traditions of the holiday season. Here's a way to combine flowers and a tree shape. It's a small decorative tree made completely of fresh cut flowers! ... read more

Roses Squared

“It’s hip to be square.”   A contemporary and stylish rose arrangement can be easily created with a short square container.  All that’s required of the ‘designer’ is to cut all the ... read more

Frosted Fruit Tree and Bowl

'Once in a while, for special holidays and occasions, "going over the top" with decorating is appropriate. Christmas and New Year's are certainly such occasions. However, fabulous creations can look ... read more

Hawaiian Holiday Blooms

Creating beautiful centerpieces using tropical flowers from Hawaii is simple and very festive for the holiday season. Tropical flowers are so brilliant that using just 3 or 4 stems of the same flower ... read more

Hand Tied Bouquets

At times there’s no better gift than the gift of flowers for Mother’s Day.  However, the bouquet should and can reflect the personality of your special mom.   A hand-tied bouquet, one ... read more

Wow Them With White

White pumpkins are stunning and elegant, and when filled with colorful and simple standard carnations they become the center of attention.Create an easy yet glamorous Thanksgiving centerpiece to wow ... read more

Pumpkin Turkey

Susan Lavelle, a grade school teacher in San Jose, California, has a family tradition of having turkey on Thanksgiving, but not the edible variety.  Her family’s tradition is a floral turkey ... read more

Heart Full of Flowers

Fill a heart shape cake pan full of valentine flowers… It’s simply beautiful ... read more

Timely Trios

Halloween is the kick-off to fall holiday decorating. Start the season off right by creating autumn container gardens, evening luminaries and potted pumpkin topiaries. Dining and buffet tables become ... read more

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