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Dried Bouquets

Napkin or Nightstand Nosegay

How sweet it is - a small nosegay of flowers.  The word itself, nosegay, describes what it is, intense smelling pleasure for your nose.  One’s nose should be filled with sweet fragrances ... read more

May Day Door Knocker

The May Day tradition is to ring the doorbell, leave a bouquet of fresh flowers and run!  Well, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been so fortunate.  So I set out flowers out on my ... read more

Dried Candle Centerpiece

Materials: 1 3-inch diameter x 6 or 8-inch tall candle. Approximately 2 dozen wooden floral pics with ... read more

Drying Flowers

The Basics: The key to drying flowers successfully is drying them quickly. This can be accomplished by creating a hot environment and then removing the humidity in the drying process. It is therefore ... read more

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