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Indoor Gardening

Venus Fly Traps

One of the spookiest species of plants is the carnivorous Venus Fly Trap. These insectivorous plants attract prey with their sweet smelling nectar located in their deadly jaws. An unsuspecting ... read more

Phalaenopsis Orchids: Getting Yours to Rebloom

Adding a potted orchid or two to your indoor garden is now very stylish and affordable. Exotic orchids have become great substitutes for cut flowers because of their beauty and their ability to last... read more

Growing Gloxinia

Florist grown Gloxinia (Sinningia speciosa) is one of the most beautiful houseplants a flower-lover can grow. Each flower is velvety and bell shaped with blossoms of at least 3-inches in diameter! To... read more

Fantastic Ferns

There are approximately 9500 species of ferns, perennial plants grown for their lovely and interesting foliage. Ferns do not flower but have finely cut leaves called 'fronds.' Ferns grow successfully ... read more

Exotic Holiday Planter

Creating an arrangement that lasts through the holidays is simple, and best of all its beauty will last long after that. This display is created with exotic tropical varieties that are festive for... read more

Easy Exotic Houseplants

There are several exotic houseplants that are extremely easy to grow. Many varieties are colorful or bloom nicely for several months. Goof-proof is hard to come by, however, some of the varieties ... read more

Double Baskets and 50-50s

Cooler weather is here and our thoughts of gardening most likely concentrate on bringing the outside in. Every room of the house can bloom with indoor potted plants. Combining your favorites in one ... read more

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