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Simple Gardening

Outdoor Garden Spaces...

can be transformed season to season with ease. Experience the joy Mother Nature provides with stylish yet simple gardening projects every day. 

Easy Exotic Houseplants
Blooming March Marvels

There are several exotic houseplants that are extremely easy to grow. Many Varieties are colorful or bloom nicely for several months. Goof-proof is hard to come by, however, some of the varieties ... read more

Beckoning Butterflies

Although many days at the start of March already feel and look like springtime, the official first day of spring is March 20. This prelude to the vernal season means lots of blooming ... read more

If you love butterflies but are not an avid gardener, it's a match made in butterfly heaven, because an untamed home garden becomes more like a natural habitat. In the wild butterflies flit and ... read more

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