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Coffee Bean Blooms

What do coffee beans and flower blooms have in common?  Answer- Only that the coffee beans can fill a vase of flowers to make a delightful and unexpected custom container.


Here's How--


Materials for 1 Fruit or Vegetable Vase


  • 1 clear glass vase

  • 1 drinking glass that is slightly smaller than the selected clear glass vase

  • Whole coffee beans (enough to fill the space between the glass vase and the drinking glass)

  • 1 bouquet of fresh cut flowers- try orange or cream colored roses or your other seasonal favorites.  One flower variety works best, as this keeps the emphasis on the both the unique container and the flowers.

  • Painter’s tape or scotch tape

  • Floral clippers




  1. Cover the opening of the drinking glass with tape.  Now insert it into the glass vase.

  2. Pour the whole coffee beans into the space between the vase and glass.

  3. Remove the tape and pour water into the drinking glass.

  4. Now insert the fresh cut flowers.  Cut them short so that just their blooms float over the rim of the coffee bean container.

My best,

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