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Dried Candle Centerpiece



  • 1 3-inch diameter x 6 or 8-inch tall candle

  • Approximately 2 dozen wooden floral pics with wire (available at florists and craft stores)

  • 1 brick dry flower floral foam

  • 1 6-inch clay pot

  • Dried flowers and foliage: 5 bunches of your choice or 2 medium sized pre-made bouquets

  • 1 hand full of green sphagnum moss or Spanish moss




  1. Cut floral foam to fit the inside the pot.  Then insert the foam into the pot, making sure that the foam is about 1.5-inches higher than the rim of the pot.  Set the candle in the center of the floral foam. 

  2. Trim all the dried flowers and foliage to a length of 4 to 5-inches.

  3. Make small “bouquets” (about 5 stems each), of individual flower varieties.  Using the floral pics with wire, wind the wire around the lower stems of these small “bouquets.”

  4. Starting just above the rim of the pot, push dried flower “bouquets” into the dried foam, one on each quarter of the pot.

  5. Now as you did in step 4, insert 4 more “bouquets” just below the candle, at the top of the dry foam.

  6. Fill in the spaces between the flowers with more “bouquets.”

  7. To hide any unsightly dried foam, place green moss at the base of the candle and the rim of the pot


My best,

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