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Easter Egg Basket

Springtime means Easter is on its way and that there's an abundance of beautiful flowers to purchase at your favorite florist or grocery store. A beautiful and seasonal floral Easter Egg Basket is fun to create and your friends and family can also enjoy nibbling on the candy eggs! 


This Easter Egg Basket is quickly and easily designed with candy Easter eggs, pink miniature spray roses, pale yellow freesia and tiny white button mums. If the colors aren't egg-actly what you had in mind, select another color combination, as all these varieties grow bountiful in many hues. 


Springtime, Easter time or anytime is the perfect time to decorate with flowers. 




  • Easter basket that is approximately 5-inches in diameter 

  • Waterproof bowl or liner to fit the interior of the basket 

  • One-half brick of floral foam 

  • Knife to cut floral foam 

  • Candy Easter eggs 

  • Small dish, approximately 3.5-inches in diameter, to hold candy Easter eggs 

  • 3 stems leather fern 

  • 5 stems pale yellow freesia, 2 stems of pink miniature spray roses and 2 stems of white button mums 

  • Floral clippers 




  1. Soak the floral foam in a bucket of water for at least 30 minutes. 

  2. After the floral foam is thoroughly soaked, cut the floral foam to fit the interior of the liner and fill the liner with water. Now, place the foam filled liner inside the Easter basket. If the basket is deep, boost the waterproof liner so that when inserted into the basket the rim of the liner meets the rim of the basket. 

  3. Place the candy Easter eggs in the small dish and then insert the dish into the center of the floral foam. 

  4. Cut the leather fern short, using the individual fronds of the fern, and insert them between the rim of the basket and the rim of the egg filled dish. 

  5. Cut the individual flowers off each stem and insert them into the floral foam among the ferns. Leave 1 stem of freesia long. 

  6. When the basket is filled with short stemmed flowers, insert the long stemmed freesia on one side of the basket where the handle meets the basket. Now gently wrap the freesia one time around the basket's handle. 

  7. Put the Easter Egg Basket out for your family and friends to enjoy. Don't forget to keep refilling the candy Easter eggs so that there's plenty for everyone.


For additional easy to make flower arrangement recipes go to

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