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Fruit and Veggie Vases and Votives

To celebrate the harvest season, small fruits and vegetables can be transformed into small flower vases. Individually or grouped together as a collection, these festive vessels become the center of attention.


Materials for 1 Fruit or Vegetable Vase


  • 1 persimmon, eggplant, bellpepper, orange, apple or acorn squash- all available at the grocery store 

  • Sharp pointed knife 

  • Pointed vegetable peeler 

  • Flowers (see below) 

  • 1 or 2 stems of fall foliage as accent 

  • 1 watertube (watertubes are available wherever you buy your flowers or at craft stores) 

  • Flower food/preservative 

  • Floral clippers 


The Following Flowers Create Festive Fruit and Veggie Vases


  • Yellow, white or orange alstroemeria 

  • Orange, yellow or peach gerbera daisies 

  • Orange, yellow or burgundy miniature spray roses 

  • Peach or yellow stock 

  • Yellow, white or burgundy freesia 

  • Burgundy, green, orange or yellow chrysanthemums 

  • Yellow, orange, peach or burgundy lilies 

  • Purple lisianthus 

  • Add seasonal berries, grasses and fall foliage to any gourd vase 




  1. With the pointed knife, make a small slit on the top of the fruit or vegetable. Then with the pointed vegetable peeler, carve a deep round hole in the veggie or fruit for the watertube. 

  2. Fill the watertube with water and replace the plastic cap back on the tube. Now insert the watertube into the hole that was made in the fruit or vegetable. 

  3. Cut the flowers at varying heights. One 'vase' may hold a couple of tall flowers, while another may hold just a single bloom cut extremely short.

  4. Of course the flowers are inserted into the watertubes in each fruit or vegetable. 


Note: Fruit and veggie vases are festive decorating accents by the bedside, bathroom or lined up in a window. On the dining table- try arranging them on a footed cake plate or on a utilitarian tray. For additional sparkle, add a few Gourd Votives to the grouping (see below for instructions).

My best,

Fruit and Veggie Vases

Gourd Votives

Cut the stem of the miniature pumpkin. Then in the top of the pumpkin, with permanent marker, trace around a votive tea light. This serves as a circle pattern for cutting a hole the size of the tea light. Now simply cut around the circle to make a hole in the center of the miniature pumpkin. Scoop out the pulp and seeds and then set the votive candle inside. If the votive tea light sinks too deeply into the mini-pumpkin, prop it up with a piece of dry floral foam or Styrofoam.

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