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Gelled Gems

A delightful and simple flower arrangement can be created easily with the help of water-retaining granules that retain moisture in potted containers.  The translucent gel allows the blooms of cut flowers to elegantly float throughout a glass vessel.   An added bonus- the translucent gel helps the flowers last a very long time.




  • Glass vase, or Jill used a trifle bowl from the kitchen

  • Large mixing bowl or bucket

  • Translucent water-retaining crystals – One product name is ‘Soil Moist’,’ it’s about $8.50 per one pounds container and available at boutique garden centers.

  • Approximately 10 blossoming heads of your favorite flower variety or use a mixed bouquet.  Tip- use strong bright colors and flowers with a compact form.

  • Floral clippers




  1. Pour in approximately 1/4 cup of water retaining crystals in the mixing bowl.  Add about 3 cups of water.  Let the mixture sit for up to 2 hours for the crystals to fully form.

  2. After crystals have formed more water may need to be added, as the perfect mixture is a bit liquid-like (The correct consistency is that of JELLO just before it fully gels.) This liquid-like mixture gives the flowers more moisture.

  3. Now transfer the translucent liquid-like mixture into the glass container that the flowers will be designed in.

  4. Cut the flowers, leaving about 1-inch of the flower’s stem. Now insert the flowers sporadically into the translucent gel and throughout the glass container. 

  5. Note: It may be necessary to add water to the gel on a daily basis to keep in liquid-like.


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