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Glassed Gerberas

Big and colorful blooms make Gerbera Daisies quintessential flowers.  Originally from South Africa, gerberas now grow in a wide range of riotous hues and even tri-colored petals.  This rainbow of color makes it easy to select stems that perfectly match your home or office décor.  Flower shops and grocery stores always provide a good selection of these popular beauties.


Due to their large sized vibrant blooms, gerberas command a dynamic presence when used as a single flower in a vase.  A small collection of single gerbera daisies really adds the “Wow” factor.  Greenery isn’t even necessary, as these daisies dazzle all by themselves.




  • 3 glass cylinder vases, approximately 14-inches tall by 5-inches in diameter

  • 3 gerbera daisies of the same color

  • Food coloring to match the color of the gerbera daisies

  • Floral Clippers




  1. Fill each cylinder vase with about 3-inches of water.

  2. Add drops of food coloring to the water and then mix the water and food coloring slowly and thoroughly.  You may even try mixing colors of food coloring to achieve the correct hue that matches the flowers.

  3. Cut the gerbera daisies different lengths.  One gerbera reaches slightly over the rim of the vase, another one just meets the vases’ rim, and the third flower is cut to about three-quarters of the height of the vase. 

  4. Place the Glassed Gerberas together as a collection in a location that needs a bit of decorative floral drama.


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