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Hand Tied Bouquets

At times there’s no better gift than the gift of flowers for Mother’s Day.  However, the bouquet should and can reflect the personality of your special mom.  


A hand-tied bouquet, one you make in your own hands, can do just that- Whether she’s the outdoorsy type, into contemporary style or more of a traditional woman, the flowers can echo your mother’s personal taste.  


Colors and the types of flowers do this nicely.  For instance: if your mother is formal you might want to give her a bouquet of all white flowers.  On the other hand, if mom is more relaxed, give her a multi-colored bouquet in her favorite hues.  Maybe your mother is adores fragrance, then that’s your cue to make sure the flowers smell sweet or spicy.


With all this in mind and of course what’s hip with today’s in floral trends, a hand-tied bouquet can be quickly assembled and personalized your mom.


The gift-wrap that encloses the bouquet should be almost as impressive as the flowers.  With a few folds and twists, your bouquet can be given with ease. 


Follow these guidelines for a customized gift of flowers that’s ready to go and ready to give.


Selecting Mom’s Favorite Flowers

When selecting flowers for the hand-tied bouquets, try to select flowers from all of the following groups of blooms.


Mass Flowers: Generally round and full faced flowers. 

Line Flowers: Most of the flowers are tall with small blooms growing up the center stalk. 

Filler Flowers: These flowers give fullness to the bouquet and the stems are generally filled with lots of tiny flowers.



Country Mom- The flower varieties below can reflect your mom’s more relaxed country style. This is just the ‘tip of the iceberg.’

  • Mass Flowers: Sunflowers, daisies, chrysanthemums, dahlias, gaillardia, roses and zinnias.

  • Line Flowers: Larkspur, delphinium, stock and snap dragons. 

  • Filler Flowers: Babies breath, phlox and statice.


Contemporary Mom-The flower varieties below can create a modern look for your hip mom.  This is just the ‘tip of the iceberg.’

  • Mass Flowers: Bird of Paradise, calla lilies, Asiatic lilies, protea, ranunculus, roses, tulips, hyacinth, gerbera daisies and hydrangea.

  • Line Flowers: Watsonia, liatrice, veronica, bells of Ireland and tuberose.

  • ·Filler Flowers: Eucalyptus, horsetail, hypericum and leucadendron.


Traditional Mom- The flower varieties below always please mom. This is just the ‘tip of the iceberg.’

  • Mass Flowers: Alsotroemeria, asters, daffodils, carnations, iris, freesia, lilac, lilies, ranunculus, roses, tulips and stock.

  • Line Flowers: Snap dragons, larkspur, safflower and Canterbury bells.

  • Filler Flowers: Eucalyptus, horsetail, phlox, leucadendron, babies breath, hypericum and statice.


Here’s How to Make Mom’s Bouquet




  • Approximately 1 dozen flowers

  • 1 Rubberband or ½ yard twist tie or twine

  • Floral clippers




  1. Begin by stripping leaves from lower half of all stems.

  2. Hold flowers and greenery midway up the stems between your thumb and index finger.  Start the bouquet with the fattest or thickest flower.  By doing this, the thickest stem(s) will end up in the center of bouquet. 

  3. Pick up the next flower or foliage stem and place it directly on top of the other flower at a 45-degree angle.

  4. Continue adding stems at an angle, building your bouquet in a clockwise fashion.  Keep your hand relaxed, don’t choke the flowers.

  5. Place similar colors across from one another to create a burst of color.

  6. When you have a handful of flowers trim the ends evenly.

  7. Fasten bouquet with rubber band, string or twine at the point where your hand was holding the flowers. 


Floral Gift Wrap




  • 1 sheet of clear cellophane, approximately 20-inches in height x 1.5 times the length of bouquet

  • 1 Sheet waxed tissue paper, approximately 20-inches x 30-inches

  • 1 Yard decorative ribbon

  • Stapler

  • Scissors




  1. Place cellophane flat on table then lay waxed tissue paper on top of cellophane.

  2. Place bouquet 6 inches below upper left-hand corner of cellophane/wax paper.

  3. Bring lower left-hand corner of cellophane over bouquet and hold cellophane gently.

  4. Begin rolling cellophane and bouquet into an ice-cream shape.  Stop when you have wrapped cellophane around bouquet once.

  5. Pull bottom corner of cellophane up to meet the cone shaped wrap.  Finish rolling bouquet, using up the rest of the cellophane.

  6. Fasten bouquet with stapler.

  7. Hide staple and complete gift-wrap by tying a decorative ribbon around bouquet.

My best,

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