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Hawaiian Holiday Blooms

Creating beautiful centerpieces using tropical flowers from Hawaii is simple and very festive for the holiday season. Tropical flowers are so brilliant that using just 3 or 4 stems of the same flower in a single arrangement creates stunning decorative displays. At times, it's the simpler tropical centerpiece that commands the most attention.


Anthurium Wreath 

Anthuriums are long lasting flowers and make a unique holiday wreath. The simplicity of this wreath is stunningly beautiful and it's very easy to make. 




  • Oasis wreath form, available at Michael's Craft Stores or flower shops 

  • Anthuriums, enough to cover the wreath form. Anthuriums grow in many sizes. For smaller wreath forms use smaller anthuriums and vice-versa 

  • Optional: Decorative ribbon for hanging or as adornment, narrow gauge wire 

  • Floral clippers 




  1. Soak wreath form in sink for 30 minutes. Hang wet wreath form outside for 30 minutes to allow excess water to drain. 

  2. Soak anthuriums (spathe/flower and stem) in a bath of water for 15 minutes. 

  3. Begin inserting anthuriums along the sides and inside of wreath form. Then insert into the front of the wreath form. 

  4. Optional: With a narrow gauge wire, attach a simple holiday ribbon on the front of it. 

  5. To hang, place wreath over the head of a nail. 

  6. Every 3 days remove wreath and soak wreath with flowers in a tub of water for 15 minutes. Let hang outside in shady area for 30 minutes to allow excess water to drain.


Anthurium Arrangement 

The heart shape of anthurium, with their waxy bloom is a favorite and very popular tropical flower. This centerpiece idea only uses anthurium blooms and leaves to create a sensational arrangement. 




  • 16-inch long X 4-inch wide X 2 or 3-inch high container (long and narrow) 

  • 2 bricks floral foam 

  • 5 stems anthuriums 

  • 2 stems anthurium leaves 

  • One handful of Spanish moss 

  • One cup of play sand or pea gravel 

  • Floral clippers 




  1. Soak the floral foam in water for at least 30 minutes. 

  2. Fill container with floral foam so the top of the foam meets the top of the container. 

  3. Fill the gaps between the container and the floral foam with bits of moss. 

  4. Cut one anthurium leaf 2-inches in length; insert at one end of the container so that the leaf lies across the foam. 

  5. Cut two anthuriums 14-inches in height; insert one into the far-left corner of the container, and one into the right front corner of the container. Both should stand straight and tall. 

  6. Insert the rest of the anthuriums between the two taller anthuriums at varying heights, to create a "V" shape. Some of the anthuriums should be inserted towards the front and back of the container. If necessary, use a sharp pencil to pierce the anthurium leaf that stretches across the container, to insert the flowers through the leaf. 

  7. Finally, cut second anthurium leaf 4-inches in length; insert it in front of the right front anthurium. 

  8. Carefully fill container with water that has been treated with floral preservative. 

  9. Cover the exposed floral foam with play sand or pea gravel.


Orchid Arrangement
Dendrobium orchids are long lasting cut flowers that grow in an exciting array of beautiful colors. You don't need to be an experienced floral designer to create festive displays with these tropical blooms. As a matter of fact, dendrobium orchids practically arrange themselves. 


What is needed is a vase filled with water. Then simply cut the ends of the orchids, leaving them all at the same height. Now drop in the flowers and voila, you've got a centerpiece! 


To insure the flowers last a long time, re-cut the stems and change the water in the vase at least twice a week. Interestingly too, dendrobium orchids like a flower bath. Simply fill a large sink with luke warm water and let the orchids soak, bloom and all, for about 30 minutes. Then re-cut the stems and put them back into the vase. 


Erect Heliconia Arrangement
This is a very tall arrangement that is great for a place that needs a focal point. It works as a sculptural effect and all your guests will be amazed by its simplistic grandeur. 




  • 4 stems erect heliconia 

  • Tall glass vase 16-inches in height X 8-inches in diameter 

  • Approximately 20 stems bear grass, or to keep it truly

  • Hawaiian use uki grass or papyrus 

  • 6-inches narrow gauge wire 

  • 1 handful of moss 

  • Clippers 




  1. Bend bear, uki grass or papyrus around the top edge of the vase as a wreath. Secure with wire. Hide the wire with springs of moss, also secured by the wire.

  2. Place 3 other heliconias right side up (the blooms are outside the vase), at slightly varying heights, but twice the height of the vase. 

  3. Place one heliconia upside down in container (the bloom is placed in the bottom of the vase). 

  4. Fill vase with water that has been treated with floral food.

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