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Heart Full of Flowers

Fill a heart shape cake pan full of valentine flowers… It’s simply beautiful.




  • Heart shaped cake pan

  • 1 to 2 bricks floral foam


Short stemmed blossoms such as: asters, miniature and standard carnations, freesias, lisianthus, mums, and roses work well.  For the valentine holiday use shades of red and pink with a touch of white. The quantity of flowers depends on the size of the heart shaped pan. Figure one dozen flowers for a pan that is 5-inches in diameter, respectively.


  • Floral preservative

  • Floral clippers and knife

  • Optional – pillar candle


Directions: 4 Easy Steps'


  • Soak the floral foam in water that has been treated with floral preservative for at least 30 minutes.

  • Cut the floral foam to fit the entire interior of the heart shaped pan. 

  • Optional – insert the candle into the center of the floral foam.

  • Cut flowers to approximately 2-inches in length and insert them into the floral foam right next to each other.  When the pan is completely filled with flowers, you’re done!

My best,

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