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Hop To It: Last Minute Easter Ideas

Last minute decorations are quick to create. Here are three easy suggestions to make your Easter a bit more fun and festive. Most likely you'll have everything on hand. 


Auntie Bert's Boiled Bunny Eggs:

Kids love this and you will too. Hard-boiled eggs made to look like white rabbits. 




  • Hard boiled eggs 

  • Sharp pointed knife 

  • 3 to 5 whole cloves per bunny 




  1. Hard boil the eggs and peel them. Use as many eggs as you want. Each egg makes one bunny 

  2. With a sharp knife cut about an inch off the most pointed end of the egg. 

  3. Cut the small section that was just cut off into two pieces. These are the bunnies' ears. 

  4. With pointed knife, cut a small slit in the larger leftover egg. Cut the slit on the rounded end of the egg. 

  5. Carefully insert the two bunny ears into the slit. 

  6. Now insert cloves for eyes and nose. 

  7. Place bunnies on an egg plate or other platter. Curly parsley or lettuce makes a nice bed for each bunny. If the bunnies fall forward, insert two cloves as the bunnies front feet. 


Simple Floral Candy Dish

Square or round glass condiment bowls of the same size can become an instant decorative floral and Easter candy dispenser. 




  • Three 4-inch diameter glass condiment bowls of the same style. 

  • 2 gerbera daisies or camellias to fill just two condiment bowls 

  • Easter eggs or other yummy seasonal candies, enough to fill one bowl 

  • Floral clippers 


Directions: 4 quick steps


  1. Fill two of the condiment bowls a third full of water. 

  2. Cut off the stems off the flowers and float them, one in each water filled bowl. 

  3. Fill the third bowl with candy. 

  4. Stack the two bowls with flowers and then set the candy bowl on top. 


Ivy Easter Basket

A lively Easter basket can be designed with a 6- or 8-inch ivy plant. The plant is then placed in a tall handled Easter basket with strands of flowers and ivy wrapped around the baskets' handle. This ivy Easter basket is an instant success.




  • One 6-or 8-inch ivy 

  • 1 Easter basket with a tall handle to fit the size of the ivy 

  • 2 spray roses, freesia or other flowers from your garden or the flower shop 

  • (Optional) 2 water viles 

  • (Optional) decorative bird or bunny for the center of the ivy basket 

  • 3 Colored eggs 




  1. Insert the ivy into the Easter basket. 

  2. If using water viles fill them with water. Then insert the flower into them. 

  3. Now insert the flowers into the soil of the ivy where the handle of the basket meets the baskets' rim. 

  4. Wind long strands of ivy around the flowers and around the handle of the basket. The ivy should stay in place by winding tightly and tucking in the ends. If this is a problem use narrow wire to keep the ivy in place. 

  5. Insert the decorative figure into the center of the ivy and scatter the eggs in the plant as well.

My best,

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