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Ice Candles

New Year's Eve is a special night to do and make decorative items that are out of the ordinary and perhaps even a bit frivolous. Very special and unique are Ice Candles. Iced creations that hold a votive candle! These decorative beauties look especially beautiful on a dessert display, drinks bar or even lining the way to your front door. 


Although Ice Candles won't last all night, they are easy and inexpensive to create. Wow your guests with these exciting and mood-setting Ice Candles. 




  • Plastic, glass or metal containers of varying sizes to be used as molds for Ice Candles. 

  • Rice 

  • Seasonal berries and Christmas greens. Try hypericum, red nandina berries, holly, black privet berries, fragrant pine etc. 

  • Glass votive to fit inside mold for Ice Candle 
    Votive Candle to fit inside glass votive 




  1. Insert one container inside another larger container. There needs to be at least a ½-inch space between the two containers. 

  2. Fill the space between the two containers half full with water. This becomes the Ice Candle mold. 

  3. Fill the interior container with rice to weight it down. 

    Insert greenery and berries in the water-filled space between the two containers. Now freeze this mold. 

  4. After the mold is frozen and it's just a short time before the big event, soak the mold in warm water to release the Ice Candle. 

  5. Finally, place a glass votive holder and candle inside the Ice Candle. Now the mood is set to celebrate the New Year.

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