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Mom's Photo Vase of Flowers

Family photographs always give way to "warm and fuzzy" feelings. Many times similar sentiments are also associated with fresh cut flowers. 

Perhaps snapdragons remind you of a special time or person, fragrant roses might take you back to childhood memories. When combined, photos and flowers can be a delightful duet down memory lane. Perfect for Mother's Day is a nostalgic Photo Vase of Flowers. All that's needed are two clear glass vases of descending size, photos and flowers.




  • 2 clear glass vases with upright sides. The vases can be round or square but must be descending sizes of the same style. 

  • Photographs to fit in between the two vases 

  • A bouquet of flowers. Here's a peachy combination: Peach roses, Peach stock and Peach hypericum. Add some foliage if you like. 

  • Small decorative rocks or marbles, enough to fill the bottom and weight down the smaller glass vase 




  1. Insert the smaller glass vase inside the larger one. 

  2. Next, slip the photos in the space between the two vases. 

  3. Place decorative rocks or marbles inside the smaller vase. This is needed to weight down the interior vase. If something heavy is not placed inside the smaller vase, it will float when filled with water. The rocks or marbles also help to keep the flowers in place. Carefully fill the interior vase with water. Make sure not to accidentally spill water between the two vases where the photos are placed. 

  4. Now all you add is a bouquet of fresh flowers. Cut the flowers short so that the blooms rest slightly over the rim of the photo vase. Hint: You might want to create the bouquet in your hands first. Simply put each flower next to each other, making sure the blooms are at the same height. Turn the bouquet in your hand to achieve a round shape. Rubberband all the flower stems together, bringing the rubberband up under the blooms. Then cut the stems short and set the bouquet in the photo vase. Or, if you like, leave the stems a bit longer to create a topiary affect.

My best,

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