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Napkin or Nightstand Nosegay

How sweet it is - a small nosegay of flowers.  The word itself, nosegay, describes what it is, intense smelling pleasure for your nose.  One’s nose should be filled with sweet fragrances that only flowers, herbs and foliages can bestow.


Nosegays can be enlisted to do a number of household chores.  First off, a napkin nosegay is an instant stain remover on a table napkin.  Cover the stain with their petite beauty.  Guests can take them home as party favors and let them dry.


By the bedside, on a nightstand, nosegays become aromatherapy.  Before bedtime and upon waking, breathe deep the fragrances of fresh cut flowers and foliages.  It’s just amazing that such a tiny bouquet can have such a big impact.  Incidentally, if created with materials that dry, this scent-i-mental bouquet can add a decorative flair for a long time.




Use just 5 stems of the following:

  • Herbs- such as mint, rosemary and thyme

  • Foliages- evergreens and eucalyptus


You will also need:

  • Flowers- 2 to 3 stems of either miniature spray roses, hybrid tea roses, larkspur, statice, and or berries 

  • 1 Rubberband

  • Ribbon or raffia, approximately 16-inches in length

  • Name tag with string for napkin nosegay (optional)

  • Small short vase for nightstand nosegay




  1. Cut the flowers and foliage to about 7-inches in length.  

  2. Then remove all the greenery that will go below the water in a short vase.

  3. Gather the flowers and greenery in your hands.  (If you are right handed hold the flowers in your left hand, and vise-versa).

  4. Place each stem right next to each other with the blooms of the flowers at the same height. 

  5. When all the flowers and greens are used up, rubberband them together.  Bring the rubberband just under the blooms.

  6. Cover the rubberband with raffia or ribbon. 

  7. If your nosegay is for a napkin, cut the ends short and attach the nametag (optional).  If your nosegay is for the nightstand, re-cut the ends and set the nosegay in a small vase.


My best,

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