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Nesting Instinct

Does spring cleaning sound familiar?  Well, it’s wishful thinking!  Anyway, the next time you come across a chipped dish, don’t toss it.  Save it for flowers.  Flowers can cover up many mistakes including an imperfect cup, bowl or dish.


This flower idea is for smaller spaces that may need some color.  All it takes is nesting a small teacup and bowl and a couple of pretty blooms.



Materials for 1 Fruit or Vegetable Vase


  • Cup and Bowl- The cup needs to be able to fit snugly into the bowl

  • A few flowers-select one variety- alstroemeria, dahlias, lily, lisianthus, freesia, chrysanthemum or open roses.




  1. Nest/insert a teacup inside a small bowl.  A tight fit is important.  

  2. Now simply fill the nested set half full of water. 

  3. Insert a fresh flower in one space between the two items. And/or place a blossom inside the teacup.  Even one large lily would be effective.  

My best,

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