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Patrick's Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated with a family dinner and a bouquet of fresh cut flowers in the center of the table. This year Patrick McCann of Greenworks, Inc. in San Francisco, inspired all of us with his spectacular arrangement designed in a footed glass bowl. The whole thing takes only minutes to make, and the materials are available at the florist or perhaps you'll have some in your garden. 


In addition to the main arrangement Patrick also used short bud vases filled with the leftovers and one rose each. This is a great way to extend the centerpiece if the table is exceptionally long. 

Thanksgiving Centerpiece




  • 6 to 8-inch round footed glass bowl. A cake stand would work well too. 

  • One-half brick floral foam 

  • 5 stems green hydrangeas 

  • 6 stems yellow sunflowers 

  • 3 persimmons 

  • 3 wood pics or 2 wood skewers 

  • 7 stems orange 'Jazz' roses. If using bud vases purchase an additional rose for each. 

  • 3 sprigs gold/orange dendrobium orchids. 1 stem only is required if the stem is multi-branched. 

  • 6 stems California pepper berries 

  • 3 stems bittersweet 

  • Clipper and knife 




  • Soak floral foam for at least 30 minutes, and then place the half brick on top of footed bowl. 

  • Cut hydrangeas and other flowers to 4-inches in length. 

  • Insert hydrangeas into floral foam on the center top and short sides of foam. 

  • Insert sunflowers between hydrangeas 

  • Insert wood pics into bottom of persimmons. Or, cut wood skewers to approximately 4-inches in length and then insert them into the bottom of persimmons. 

  • Insert persimmons with pics into lower edges of centerpiece. 

  • Fill in the gaps with roses and scatter pepper berries, orchids and bittersweet throughout arrangement.
    Bud Vases 

  • Insert short stemmed rose into each bud vase. 

  • Cut left over materials short and slip into bud vase around rose.




Patrick McCann
Greenworks, Inc.
Custom Floral Design
690 Brannan St.
San Francisco, CA
Phone: (415) 348 - 8575

My best,

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