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Perfect Pairs - Combining Colors

Ever go to buy flowers and feel overwhelmed with what to buy?  All the blooms look gorgeous, but not all flowers look their best together.  Here are some tips of the trade, simple solutions on how to combine colorful flowers easily.



Monochromatic can be Momentous:

All monochromatic means is blending hues of the same colors.  That is all orange flowers or all pink blooms etc. For example-mix hot pink roses with light pink gerbera daisies, yellow freesia with yellow dahlias or blue iris with blue delphinium.  Monochromatic bouquets always look great.  


Varying the flower texture and or shape in monochromatic bouquets is especially important.  Because all one color is used, add interest with different shaped flowers with varying textures.  For example: ruffled and round shaped yellow carnations with smooth, star-shaped yellow lilies makes the bouquet more dynamic. 



Leave it to the Flowers:

Of course we all know many flowers often have more than one color in them.  Blue iris for instance has yellow markings.  Allow the yellow of the iris to be your accent color.  Blue irises with yellow chrysanthemums, golden sunflowers or bright yellow roses look gorgeous.  Or, pink alstroemeria often has burgundy spots; that’s your cue to pick up the color burgundy.  Imagine burgundy stock combined with e pink alstroemeria, they are a fabulous duo.



White with Anything:

White is a very strong color.  White illuminates other colors and keeps things looking fresh and stylish.  White and yellow gerbera daisies are dazzling together.  White stock with lavender roses is romantic.  White and blue delphinium say ‘summer.’


Following the above tips makes combining ‘this with that’ winners each time.


My best,

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