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Potted Tantalizing Terracotta

Nurseries are now bursting with beautiful flowering plants, many perfect for creating voluminous potted Easter and spring arrangements. This year plant seasonal favorites in unique customized floral terracotta pots. Terracotta has long been the tradition for "potting up," but liven up the clay with cut out flowers from floral cotton fabric. These decorative decoupage pots literally bloom from top to bottom when filled with 'springtime.' 


All the plant combinations below are brimming with big bursts of monochromatic color. Select the combination that best suits your fancy or mix your very own favorite varieties.

Potted Easter/ Spring Combinations

The plant selections below all live well together, needing the same amount of light and water. Some varieties can be placed indoors permanently, while others, filled with outdoor varieties, can live inside for short periods of time. All plants are 6-inches in size unless otherwise stated.

Cotton Tail Colors

Place in bright light indoors or out, but keep out of direct sunlight, as the Alocasia Polly cannot take full sun 


  • White Cala Lily 

  • White Easter Lily 

  • Alocasia Polly (this is a large leafed green plant that is stunning and dramatic) 

  • Add 4-inch variegated English ivies if the edges of the basket need to be softened

"In The Pink"

Place in bright light indoors 


  • Pink Cyclamen 

  • Pink Gloxinia 

  • Pink and green two-tone Caladium 


Potted Peaches

Place in bright light indoors or out, but keep out of direct sunlight, as the mother fern cannot take full sun 


  • Peach Rose 

  • Peach Freesia 

  • Mother Fern 


Creating Tantalizing Terracotta Pots
  • 1 Terracotta pot large enough to hold all the plants 

  • Sharp scissors 

  • Floral cotton fabric 

  • Spray adhesive 

  • Varathane Clear Gloss spray 

  1. Cut out individual flowers, groups of flowers or a wide band of flowers from the fabric. 

  2. Spray the back of the cut out fabric with spray adhesive. Now press the fabric onto the terracotta pot. The pattern of the decoupage is up to you. Overlapped, placed single on the pot or as a wide band over the entire pot (excluding the rim)… all the methods of design work well. 

  3. To help keep the fabric from fraying, spray the pot and fabric with Varathane.

Instructions for Planting
  • 1 Tantalizing Terracotta pot, large enough to hold all the plants Potting soil 

  • Time released fertilizer 

  • Selected plants 

  • Green moss 

  • (Optional) Accessories of i.e. Easter egg, faux butterflies, bird's nests and/or decorative bunnies etc.

  1. Fill the Tantalizing Terracotta pot half full with potting soil, mixing time released fertilizer into the soil. (Follow the directions on the time-released fertilizer package for quantity). 

  2. Remove each plant from its pot and gently tease the rootballs; then insert the plants into the pot. It's okay to over-plant with lots of beautiful varieties. These displays are meant to have instant appeal. 

  3. Fill in around the plants with more soil and water the display if necessary. 

  4. Add green moss to cover the soil, this makes the potted arrangement even more appealing. (Optional) Finally, tuck in Easter eggs, faux butterflies, bird's nests and/or decorative bunnies for festivity.

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