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Rose Petal Martinis

Fancy, joyous and fun are ways to describe Rose Petal Martinis.  These faux cocktails, made of rose petals, look mouth watering and appealing but are completely undrinkable.  


Create these delectable delights for dinner parties, luncheons, and barbeques.  Lined down the table or set at individual place settings, Rose Petal Martinis make a big splash and punch up any occasion.




(For 1 Rose Petal Martini)

  • 1 rose (any color) or try combining petals from 2 different colored roses)

  • 1 martini glass

  • 1 stem of babies breath

  • 1 olive 

  • 1 toothpick




  1. Remove most of the petals from the rose. You can even pluck out the petaled center to reveal the calyx or center of the rose.

  2. Fill the martini glass with petals and top it off with the petaled calyx.  Sprinkle short stems of babies breath into the petaled cocktail to add a bit of faux froth.  

  3. Skewer one olive onto the toothpick and set into the Rose Petal Martini.


My best,

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