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Simple Birdbath

A garden just isn't a garden without attracting wildlife, and water is an absolute essential for the beginnings of a backyard habitat. If you don't already have water in the garden assembling an easy to create birdbath will most certainly make a difference in terms of who or what flutters by. Expect more butterflies as well as birds, because when given the opportunity to sip or bathe, both will make your backyard a place to flock. Additionally, store bought birdbaths tend to be very expensive, this homemade one costs much less. It will put you back about $25.00.

  • Two 2 oz. bottles of lime green acrylic paint 

  • (Optional - One 2 oz. bottle of black acrylic paint, if black polka-dots are desired, otherwise, the polka dots will be terra cotta in color.) 

  • 1 foam paint brush, approximately 2-inches wide 

  • (Optional - 1 narrow synthetic bristle paint brush for painting polka-dots) 

  • Approximately twenty six 1-inch round 'Multi-purpose removable labels,' for the polka-dot detail on the 12-inch standard terra cotta pot (available at stationary stores) 

  • Eight 1 ¼ -inch x 1 ¾ -inch rectangular 'Multi-purpose removable labels' for the detail on the rim of the 12-inch terra cotta bowl (available at stationary stores) 

  • Varathane spray sealer 

  • 12-inch standard terra cotta pot 

  • 12-inch diameter low round terracotta bowl 

  • 3-inch terra cotta pot 

  • 12-inch diameter plastic or terra cotta saucer. If using a terra cotta saucer the inside of it must be glazed so that it holds water. Glazed saucers are available at most garden centers. 

  • Decorative figurine or attractive rock for the center of the birdbath 

  1. Evenly place and stick round labels in a polka-dot pattern all over the 12-inch standard terra cotta pot. Evenly space and stick eight 1 ¼ -inch x 1 ¾ -inch rectangular labels' on the rim of the 12-inch low round terra cotta bowl. These rectangular labels should be placed so that the long end of the label meets the top inside rim of the bowl. 

  2. Paint both the 12-inch bowl and the 12-inch standard pot with lime green paint. Avoiding the dots and rectangles is almost impossible, it's okay to paint right over them. Allow both pots to dry thoroughly. 

  3. Carefully remove dots and squares. (Optional - Then fill in dots and rectangles with black paint. Allow dots and rectangles to dry thoroughly.) 

  4. Spray both painted pots with Varathane. Allow the Varathane to dry completely. 

  5. When both are dry it's time to assemble the birdbath in its resting-place. Find a sheltered area where birds can see that predators, such as cats, are not ready to pounce. Also, avoid a site near a window, as many birds each year die by flying into glass. 

  6. In this secure and sheltered place, turn the 12-inch standard terra cotta pot upside down. Then set the 12-inch bowl, right side up, on top of the 12-inch standard pot. 

  7. Next set the small 3-inch pot in the center of the round bowl. Now set the glazed terra cotta or plastic saucer on top of the 3-inch pot. 

  8. Finally set the decorative figurine or rock in the center of the saucer. Fill the saucer with water and enjoy the show.

My best,

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