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Stenciled Chair

Outdoor art puts some unexpected zing into beds, small alcoves and nooks and crannies of the garden.  This simple-to-make stenciled chair is not only a place to perhaps write notes on your garden or read a good book, but the chair sitting among the plantings, makes a great focal point.


All you need is one day or perhaps a weekend to complete this decorative design.  It’s a lot of fun and very easy.



  • 1 small unfinished wooden chair 

  • 1 stencil form designed with garden leaves - (Make sure the stencil fits on the seat of the garden chair.)


  • 1 to 2 cans burgundy colored acrylic spray paint

  • Painter’s tape

  • 1 small bottle each of outdoor black and green acrylic paint 

  • Optional – 1 small bottle of complementary (darker or lighter) green acrylic paint to edge the leaves of the stencil

  • 1 medium sized foam brush

  • 1 ‘spouncer’ brush  (this is a foam brush used for painting the stencil)

  • 1 can polyurethane spray, oil or water based

Note:  All materials are available at craft stores.

  1. Spray paint the chair burgundy, give it two coats.  Allow the chair to dry in between each coat. (Most of today’s spray paints only take a few hours to dry.)

  2. When burgundy spray paint is dry, set the stencil form on the seat of the chair.  With painter’s tape, tape around the edges of the rectangular stencil to form the same size rectangle as the stencil.

  3. Remove the stencil.  With black paint, paint the inside of the rectangle.  Allow the paint to dry; then remove the tape.

  4. With painter’s tape, tape the stencil onto the black rectangle.  With green paint and spouncer, paint the leaves of the stencil. 

  5. Optional- Wash the spouncer in plain water and then use complimentary green paint to embellish the edges of the leaves.

  6. Allow paint to dry; then remove the tape and stencil.  Finish and preserve the chair with one or two coats of polyurethane spray. 

Tip: In winter, remove the chair from the garden to preserve its beauty.

My best,

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