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Tranquil Tabletop Fountain

Important water features in the garden look beautiful, provide soothing sounds and exude unequaled tranquility. However, it isn't necessary to have a large garden or any garden for that matter, to experience the peacefulness of flowing water. Gurgling petite tabletop fountains made with bamboo spouts and small bowls can create a calm setting wherever you are. In the office, on a coffee table, or gracing outdoor settings, small tabletop fountains offer enormous serenity. They are quick and easy to make and all the materials can be purchased at many garden centers.

  • Water proof bowl at least 6-inches in diameter 

  • Bamboo spout, referred to as shishi odoshi, ( the spout must fit the diameter and height of the bowl) 

  • Small fountain pump, complete with corresponding clear vinyl tubing 

  • Decorative rocks, shards of slate, seashells etc. Enough items to fill the interior of the bowl and hide the mechanics of the pump 

  • Sharp scissors 

  • Floating flower(s)

  1. Hook the vinyl tubing to the pump and then place the pump on the bottom of the bowl. Hide and hold the pump in place by covering it with rocks. 

  2. Insert the vinyl tubing into the bamboo spout and up through the spigot hole. Most shishi odoshi allow the spigot to be removed and then replaced once the tubing is in place. Cut the tubing short and put the spigot back in place. 

  3. Set the bamboo spout on the bowl, allowing the horizontal bamboo pieces to rest on the edges of the bowl. The spout should be placed towards the back of the bowl, which enables the Good Gardener to fill the interior of the bowl with rocks, shells etc. 

  4. Fill the bowl with more decorative rocks, slate or shells and then fill it about half to three-quarters full with water. Float a flower or multiple flowers in the fountain. 

  5. Finally, turn on the pump and relax!

My best,

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