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Valentine Bud Vase

When thinking of Valentine's Day romance comes to mind. However, compliments to friends and co-workers are also widely exchanged. To spread the 'scent-i-ment' around, surprise special Valentines with a lasting impression of just a single flower. A bud vase is a simple way to express many feelings.


Flowers have long been messengers of gratitude, thanks and of course, the language of love. Long ago the Victorians assigned meanings to flowers as a way to convey emotions without words. 


Perfect for Valentine's Day is the lily, which in the language of flowers means purity and sweetness. If a rose is in order select a color that defines your sensibilities. A red rose signifies deep and passionate love, the white rose suggests honor and silence, pink symbolizes friendship, but be careful, as a yellow rose speaks of jealousy. 


Roses and lilies grow in an array of brilliant colors. Best of all, both can be incredibly fragrant! This year Valentine's Day falls on Friday, February 14th and one simple flower is all it takes to celebrate the holiday.


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Here's How To Create a Valentine Bud Vase

A single flower in a bud vase is a perfect way to say, "Happy Valentine's day," and at the same time, will not empty your wallet. 




  • One narrow necked bud vase 

  • One rose or multi-bloomed lily 

  • Approximately five stems bear grass or other linear foliage 

  • One to three stems of galax or bush ivy leaves 

  • Floral clippers 




  1. 4 Easy Steps 

  2. Fill the bud vase with water containing floral food. 

  3. Cut the rose or lily stem to about twice the height of the vase. Strip the flower's stem so that no leaves will be covered by water. Place the flower in the bud vase. 

  4. To give added support and beauty, add stems of linear bear grass or other linear foliage. Cut the foliage so that they are just slightly taller than the rose or the lily. 

  5. To give the bud vase an elegant, balanced look, insert the galax or bush ivy leaves at the rim of the bud vase.

Here's How To Select a Fresh Cut Rose or Lily

Make sure the flowers' blooms or buds are not bruised or browning. The foliage should be dark green without yellowing leaves. The water the flower is sold in should smell clean. If it smells bad, chances are the flowers are old. 


Lilies take about 3 days to open. Buy lilies when they are closed or just partially open. Many lilies are multi-bloomed, that is, the one flower has several blooms on its one stem. Try to select a lily with one bloom open and the others closed. That way, the recipient will be able to watch the additional blossoms open and enjoy the lily longer.


Tips on Bud Vase Selection

  • Be imaginative with bud vases! Pretty perfume bottles, recycled spice jars and colorful glass water bottles will all support a flower gracefully. 

  • Dress up a plain vase by simply tying a ribbon around the vase's neck.


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