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Watermelon Wonder

What do watermelons and flowers have in common?  Well, a watermelon can become a vessel in which to arrange seasonal flowers.  The luscious juicy fruit can hold your favorite flowers.




  • 1 Watermelon (this can be the regular oblong variety or the newest round watermelon)

  • Flowers- Approximately 6 to 8 largish flowers.  Jill used 2 Sumatra Oriental lilies, and 5 stems of burgundy and peachy dahlias

  • (Optional)-Watertubes- enough for each flower (watertubes are available wherever you buy your flowers)

  • Large sharp knife

  • Floral clippers




  1. From the bottom of the watermelon, cut off a flat slice.  This allows the melon to sit flat and not roll around. 

  2. Now cut a large wedge (about a quarter of the melon) out of the top of the melon.  This wedge is yours to munch on.

  3. If using watertubes, fill each one with water and replace the cap. Now insert short cut flowers (approximately 4- to 5-inches in length) into the tubes.  If not using watertubes, simply cut the flowers to approximately 4- to 5-inches in length.

  4. Now insert the watertubed flowers, or just the flower stems into the fruit.  Insert the flowers in just one end of the melon so that part of the red fruit still shows.


Design Note: The flowers will last in the watermelon (without watertubes) for at least 3 or 4 hours, long enough for a fun picnic.  When you get a chance, re-cut their stems and arrange them in water.

My best,

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