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Container Gardening

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Double Baskets and 50-50s
Double Baskets and 50s

Cooler weather is here and our thoughts of gardening most likely concentrate on bringing the outside in. Every room of the house can bloom with indoor potted plants. Combining your favorites in one container makes for long lasting floral decor. These accents of color are also relatively inexpensive decorating accessories. Double Baskets: 'Double Baskets' is a term we used in my flower shop to designate combining two or more plants in one basket/container. These displays literally enliven a living space. 


Another great thing about double baskets, they're super easy to make. Keep the plants in their original pots and then just insert them into the basket or decorative pot. 




  • 1 basket or decorative container that is at least 4-inches in height and will hold all the plants for your display 

  • Plastic garbage bag - needed for baskets or porous pots 

  • Scissors 

  • Plants- Select your favorite indoor varieties to fill the container. Make sure to select plants that have the same growing needs (i.e. all like the same light and humidity). 

  • Decorative moss 




  1. Cut the garbage bag and line the bottom and sides of the basket/porous container. 

  2. Insert the potted plants in their original pots. 

  3. Hide the rims of the pots by covering them with moss.


50/50's: If you have the "ho hums" because you can't get out in the garden, bring Mother Nature inside with potted plants combined with fresh cut flowers. It's container gardening with a twist. I call these baskets of blooms 50/50's because they are made by combining 1 plant along with a vase of cut flowers. 




  • 1 basket that will snugly hold one plant and one vase of flowers 

  • Plastic garbage bag - needed for baskets or porous pots 

  • Scissors 

  • Vase filled with cut flowers 

  • 1 plant 

  • Moss 




  1. Cut the garbage bag and line the bottom and sides of the basket/porous container. 

  2. Insert the potted plant in its original pot. 

  3. Fill the vase with fresh cut flowers and then insert it into the basket next to the plant. 

  4. With moss, cover the rim of the potted plant and use the moss to secure the vase if necessary.




  • Water your plants regularly. When plants or flowers are faded, remove the old and slip new ones in. 

  • Re-cut the stems of your flowers and change the water regularly.

Exotic Holiday Planter
Exotic Holiday Planter

Creating an arrangement that lasts through the holidays is simple, and best of all its beauty will last long after that. This display is created with exotic tropical varieties that are festive for the season, but also neutral enough to enjoy after all the holiday festivities. 


These tropical plants are easy to care for too, simply place the arrangement in bright indirect light and only water about once every ten days. These varieties love humidity so spray them often with water. A bowl full of water, rocks or marbles would also help generate a more humid environment. 




  • 1 8-inch long oval container with drainage holes 

  • Potting soil 

  • 1 4-inch variegated ivy 

  • 2-inch bromeliads (Jill used Guzmania and 'Beatrice' 

  • 1 4-inch Odontaglossum orchid 

  • 1 handful of moss, green sphagnum or Spanish moss 




  1. Set orchid still in its original pot, in the center back of the container. 

  2. Fill container half full of potting soil. Careful not to get soil in the orchid's pot. 

  3. Remove the remaining plants from their original pots. Plant the ivy first, in the center front of the container. Add the bromeliads, one on each side of the orchid. 

  4. Fill-in with more potting soil. 

  5. Fill water-well of 'Beatrice' bromeliad (this is the "V" or vase-like area in the center of the plant. Now give the rest of the plants a small amount of water. 

  6. Place the display in bright, indirect light.

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